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MCC 2011 Awardee
MCC 2011 Awardee

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Please press F8

i'm sure u guys are wondering,what on earth do i mean by my the title of my first post "please prss f8"(except for some windows tech people). anyways, its so named to welcome you my blog and all what i stand for. for those of you who dont know, F8 is a windows operating system hotkey that you pres during bootp to jumpstart an OS troubleshooting procedure.

There you go, this blog is setup to talk about issues in the operating system technologies, server technologies, standards, newstuff, job placements, advertisements. (in danger of having put the carriage before the horse), you are free to submit your  computer related issues/problems here and we(i mean i and great minds in information technology from around the world) will be all too glad to help.

occasionaly, i would post some interesting stuff about my day,week or month, but never too far from the subject of Information technology).

so before you call your consultant, engineer, ... remember to press F8.

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