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MCC 2011 Awardee
MCC 2011 Awardee

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Monday, July 12, 2010


I usually tell my friends that "computers dont just crash". more than likely, if anything goes wrong trust me ITS YOU!! either directly or in some remote way. I got two calls this week to fix one dell inspiron desktop(a very old model!!) and one LG laptop(cant remember the model). what they had in common was that their users' were doing things they shouldn't be doing. so i decide to let you guys know 10 things i think would improve youre general computer usage experience.Personallly, i believe software is always on top of hardware so i'm starting with software management tips. follow me:

1.Remember that the most important software on your computer is the Operating System.

2. Install genuine windows/provider Operating system.

3. As a benefit of  (2.) above, make sure you install any operating system patches in form of service packs or fixes.

4. Make sure you have a personal inventory of every application software  you install/uninstall.(the operating syatem itself keeps track of this information in event viewer(start-control panel-administrative tools-event viewer)) its only fair that you have yours.

5. Make sure you only install software from TRUSTED sources.

6. Make sure you always check the company website of important software that you use for sofware updates(this is essential because, your software provider works day and night to find and close-up loop-holes in their software, the closing up is in form of updates or newer enhancements)

7. Install a good anti virus software( i wont go into the argument of which is the best?!?!?!).

8. BE PATIENT. When users click a button and its taking more time than usual to respond,i notice that  users always respond to this by clicking more and more. i want to let you know that the OS now has to respond to the first click,and your zillion subsequent clicks.

9.If you notice any unusual computer behaviour just after u install a software. do a system restore(start-all programs-accessories-system tools- system restore) this restores your computer to its state before certain installations. simply uninstalling the software might not fully remove all the traces of the software(to make sure this works well you can use windows clean-up tool. download this at

10. After all said and done, the software is meant to run over hardware. Make sure your installed hardaware meet the pre-requisite for any software you are installling.Not to mention that your softwares should be interoperable(see 9. above)


Keep pressing F8


  1. hi good post. but i still ve prob wit my desktop d same i told u. no solution to dat yet prof.

  2. right-click mycomputer, click properties,click the advanced tab, below the page you have a section titled startup and recovery, click the settings button in that section,uncheck "automatically restart on system failure" apply changes and click ok. this should do the trick


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